Bull Shoals Lake Crappie Fishing

Spring is right around the corner. Come experience Bull Shoals Lake Crappie fishing!

Sister Creek Resort crappie fishing

The Best Crappie Fishing on Bull Shoals Lake!

Bull Shoals Lake has some of the best Crappie fishing in the Spring and Sister Creek Resort is the place to get in on the action! It’s not uncommon to catch Crappies 16-18 inches long. Arkansas Fish Game have numerous brush piles/fish attractors and cover for Crappie Beds tagged on the shoreline by blue signs. Spawning occurs at 64 degrees, but Crappie are caught year round. They can often be seen suspended in the brush piles, but need to be coaxed out to grab your bait. A live minnow works best for this technique. Suspend your minnow about 3 foot out and 6 inches above the Crappie. Let the minnow swim around and jig a little to entice the fish.

Fishing our dock for Crappie

Remember if you can see the fish – they can see you. Drop your minnow outside our bush piles and step back. Minnows will try to run to the brush so be sure they don’t have enough lead to get tangled in the trees. If you don’t see Crappie in the trees, drop your lure/bait down about 20 foot and jig. Bring your bait up about 3 foot every 5 minutes to find the strike zone.

Fishing Bull Shoals Lake by boat

Check up the creeks, look for warm waters and brush piles. Crappie will be near the shoreline vegetation or where water bugs are plentiful.crappie fishing bull shoals lake

• Keeper: 10 inches
• Daily Limit: 15
• Live bait: Minnows or Crickets
• Lures: Orange or yellow Jigs with fly tails
• Weather: Average temp March/April 60-70 degrees daytime highs (37-47 degrees lows)
• Water Level: Above normal pool
• Water Clarity: Clear to murky

Crappie Recipe

There’s more than one way to cook a this wonderful tasting fish! One of my favorite pan fish is Black/White Crappie. Sure a fish fry is a great treat, but for a new twist check out this recipe.

12 Crappie Fillets
12 Bacon Slices
1/4 teaspoon garlic powder
1/4 teaspoon onion powder
1/4 teaspoon pepper
Sprinkle spices on fillets. Roll up fillets, wrap with bacon and peg with a toothpick. Grill over very low charcoal heat, turning fillets several times. Be sure to put out all flames caused by bacon grease with a water spray bottle. Cook until bacon is brown and inside of fillet flakes.

Forgot the tarter sauce? Finely chop dill pickle, mix with a little mayo, add some ground pepper – done!
This is quick and easy cooking after a great day of fishing the lake!

We would love to see you with a fishing pole in your hand slaying some crappie! Reserve a cabin at Sister Creek Resort and get in on the fun!